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  • Online Viceroy Silver Cigarettes

    online cigarettes viceroy silver
    Viceroy Silver Cigarettes Standard Price
    $20.00 per carton Offer price: 2 x $20.00 = $40.00
    10 King Size Boxes In Cellophane
    200 Cigarettes With White Filter
    Tar: 5 mg per Cigarette
    Nicotine: 0.4 mg per Cigarette

  • Online Viceroy Red Cigarettes

    online cigarettes viceroy red
    Viceroy Red Cigarettes Standard Price
    $14.00 per carton Offer price: 2 x $14.00 = $28.00
    10 King Size Boxes In Cellophane
    200 Cigarettes With Brown Filter
    Tar: 12 mg per Cigarette
    Nicotine: 0.9 mg per Cigarette

  • Online Viceroy Blue Cigarettes

    online cigarettes viceroy blue
    Viceroy Blue Cigarettes Standard Price
    $15.00 per carton Offer price: 2 x $15.00 = $30.00
    10 King Size Boxes In Cellophane
    200 Cigarettes With White Filter
    Tar: 8 mg per Cigarette
    Nicotine: 0.7 mg per Cigarette

In 1953, Viceroy Filter Kings were introduced. In 1990, Viceroy Box Kings and Box Kings were introduced on the U.S. market, followed by Viceroy Ultra Kings and Ultra 100's in 1992 and New Viceroy 100's box styles, and Viceroy Menthol in 2000. All Viceroy styles changed to a more contemporary packaging on packs and cartons without changes to the product blend. After the Brown & Williamson merger, the brand has been played down, continuing to be sold on the markets where demand is strong, like Romania, Middle East, Turkey and Argentine.

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