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Smoking was originally available only for nobles and wealthy people. As long as Turkey did not start to grow tobacco, every bale of tobacco leaves had to overcome a difficult journey across the Atlantic. In those days the majority of Spanish and Portuguese senores smoked cigars, curled in a special way and made of fine tobacco leaves.

Cigars were extremely expensive, and most of ordinary people had to be satisfied with the true sense of the word stubs. Grinding the rest of tobacco, poor smokers made roll-ups, which became prototypes of future cigarettes and smokes. Cigarettes shop have become widely popular only in the twentieth century. Their «blossoming» is associated with the First World War. In those days, cigarettes were called «Soldiers cheap cigarettes» and the tobacco companies produced them in cardboard packs, without a mouthpiece and filter. The emergence of mouthpiece is ladies' innovation at the beginning of the century. When smoking became fashionable among emancipated ladies, the tobacco companies started to produce cheap cigarettes in such a way so that tobacco would not come into the mouth, but the paper would not soak from a lipstick. The novelty came into fashion and was named «cigarette». In the mid of the 20-s Philip Morris and American Tobacco Company produced new brands of cigarettes, designed specifically for women - such Marlboro cigarettes and Lucky Strike.

During the Second World War cheap cigarettes together with food became a part of the soldier\'s ration. Tobacco companies sent millions of cheap cigarettes of charge to the front. After the war,the company received hundreds of thousands of loyal consumers of cheap cigarettes. Since the 60-ies- the whole world smokes. And at this time the first anti-tobacco campaign appeared, urging to ban tobacco advertising.

In 1971, tobacco advertising was completely removed from the U.S. television broadcast, however, tobacco is going on taking the second place in the list of the most advertised product, after cars.

The tube, unlike «mean-born» came to Europe along with tobacco from the American continent. And till nowadays pipe along with cigar remains the attribute of expensive and aristocratic life. Was popular to buy online cigarettes.

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